Hello Blogging World

Well….now I’ve really done it.  Just when I think I don’t have enough time for the things that I love, I decide to start a blog.  Why?  Good question.  I think there are two reasons.  First I love looking at others peoples blogs and learning and being inspired by their passions.  Secondly I think it would be a fun way to keep a log of what I’m doing, what is important to me and to share that with the friends and family that I love….of course if they are interested.  Most of my sharing is via email….which assumes that my recipients want to read what I have to say….I figure with a blog I can still talk, share, express….but my friends/family only have to look if they want to.  So here I go.  My first post. 


About mach1vn

Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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One Response to Hello Blogging World

  1. Carla says:

    Jodi, LOVE it. Great photos and comments. You are in my “favs” list now!

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