The Monkey Party

IMG_3526My Little Miss is two.  How did this happen?  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital and family and friends were tickled pink about the new arrival.  She is still making everyone around her smile two years later.  Sure, we all know that having a two year old isn’t always grins and giggles, but it sure is most of the time.  We had the family over to celebrate last weekend.  It was a hoot.  I don’t think she really realized what all the excitement was about, but she sucked up being the center of attention.  You should have seen her when we sang Happy Birthday to her.  Priceless.

The Monkey theme came from one of her favorite babies and from the fact that she is really good at making monkey sounds and honestly, she is a little monkey!  I scoured Pinterest for ideas and put my own spin on a few things.  I’m pretty sure she had a good time.





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One Response to The Monkey Party

  1. Sandy says:

    Great blog. Will be anxiously awaiting the next installment.

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