Introducting Endless Birthdays

Endless Birthdays

For those that have been stamping for some time you know that the Photopolymer stamps (clear stamps) are not new to the market. But Stampin’Up has been slow to adopt this type of stamp. Why? Well quite honestly, the leaders at Stampin’Up knew that the early photopolymer type stamps provided a “crummy” impression. It’s true. The images compared to a traditional rubber stamp were not near as crisp. However, technology has gotten better….thus Stampin’Up has started to introduce Photopolymer stamps into their line. It is interesting though as they only do a limited quantity and they have not been put into the catalogs.

With that little background I wanted to share the newest release from SU. This is Endless Birthdays. I love the handwritten font and the way that you can mix/match/change up the sentiments so easily. Not sure if I’m adding it to my collection…but it is sure tempting.



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