Make it Mine #5

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.  We’ve spent the time on the baseball field, in the backyard weeding, preparing for a weekend get away with my girls next week, and had a great visit with some dear friends visiting from the east coast.  Its been great.

The other bonus of having a long weekend is that I can actually post the Make it Mine Monday Challenge on Monday!!!

Susan over at Simple Stampin found a very simple layout to challenge us with.  You wouldn’t think that a layout that looks like this:


Could turn into something that looks like this!  Isn’t that amazing?


Now its my turn.  I’m trying really hard to keep my posts mainly Stampin’Up products.  But it is really hard sometimes when you have wonderful little crafting supplies just begging to be used.  So here is a hybrid product card.



Isn’t that bright and fun?  The floral and pinstriped strips are actually washi tape.  I love that stuff.  I picked these two up during the Impress Sale.  You know when you are at the grocery store in the isle and its full of tempting little “things” like candy, Qtips, and car air fresheners?  Well…that’s what this Washi Tape was…just sitting on the counter in a little bowl by the cash register just calling my name.  How could I resist?  Everything else is from Stampin’Up :-).  Enjoy!!





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One Response to Make it Mine #5

  1. Sandy says:

    Very colorful card. Would make cute Christmas cards too. So easy and quick to mass produce.

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