Look what you can accomplish with no internet – 50+ pages!

Last weekend I enjoyed a couple of nights away with my “besties” (mom and sister).  We stayed at a family cabin on the south east side of Mount Rainier.  This is a wonderful place to disconnect…no phone, no TV, no internet…..(no children…did I say that out loud?).  The weather was amazing.  We laughed, took walks, ate and most of all scrapbooked.  I’d been preparing for weeks.  My goal was to get my 2013 photos into a scrapbook.  It was a lot of work but I did it!  Of course there is journaling still needed but the hard part is complete.  It was a bit bittersweet as I think this is going to be my last traditional family album.  I’m pretty convinced that my next albums will be digital.  Yes, I’ll still do some special traditional albums in the future, but I’ve resigned that the cost and time of doing an annual family album just keeps pointing me toward digital.  So scrapbook ladies…I guess you’ll be seeing me carting my computer to our scrapbook retreats.  Times a changing 🙂

Here are some fun photos of our weekend.  Enjoy!

Mt Rainier - May 2014Scrapping away50 pages!

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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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