Off to Camp

It is the eve before I send my first born off to Boy Scout Camp.  Why is this significant?  Well you see….this is the first time that he has been to camp, this long, without either hubby or I going along.  It was always Mommy & Me camp or Dad as Den Leader in the past…..To top it off, this camp is 6 days long and in the next state and did I mention his hand is in a cast!  Can you see my over protective mommy meter going toward the red?  I know….I’ll be fine…and he will too.

So “obviously” he can’t go off to camp without some little treats tucked into his gear as a reminder of home.  Of course I have to be careful not to embarrass him….you know he has to be cool these days….(oh brother).  So I thought it would be fun for him to have a little something to open each day with a little treat inside.  I’ve had this cute die that makes a trifold envelope (from another company) in my stash for some time and haven’t used it yet.  It worked perfectly for this little project.

Lunch box die camp notes

I created the little envelopes (one for each day) using some camping themed paper that I had in my stash, added a little tag and some hemp thread and packaged them all in SU stamp case for safe keeping.  I added a little love note from mom as well as a life saver in each.  Yes, he will think it is silly….but secretly I know he’ll love them.


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One Response to Off to Camp

  1. Carla says:

    great idea! I sent a couple treats to camp with Jake last year… are right….there is a fine line between the treat they are grateful for and the one that brings on the “Oh, mom!” and the eye roll! Take a deep breath. He will come home tired, happy and healthy.

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