Pinwheel Tutorial

I had a few readers asked about making the Pinwheels that I shared from the Paper Pumpkin kit.  Good news, it doesn’t take a subscription from Paper Pumpkin to make pinwheels.  I thought I’d share a quick simple tutorial on making them.  They are a sure sign of summer and can be used in so many fun ways.  You can make them small for little toothpick picks, to put on cards, to decorate cupcakes/cakes and you can make them large to decorate flower pots or even line the garden path.  Whatever size you create they are sure to bring a smile.  So lets get started.

The Paper Pumpkin kit has the pinwheel cut outs using a 4.5 x 4.5 piece of two sided DSP (Designer Series Paper).  That created a pinwheel that 6.5 wide.  Its about as wide as my hand….not sure that my hand size will help you visualize but hopefully gives you an idea.

So to start with you just need a square piece of DSP (I’m using a 3 x 3 size for the photos).  You can use cardstock as well but a double sided DSP gives you the fun two/tone/design look when the pinwheel is created.  I put pencil marks on my paper to show the center point for the photo.

Pinwheel 1

With scissors cut in from each corner, diagonally toward the center.  Cut to about 1/4″ – 1/2″ from the center point.  I bent the corners up a little bit to help you see how I cut the square.

Pinwheel Cuts

Taking every other corner, use a straight edge (bonefolder works great) to curl the corners and break down the fibers to allow the paper to flex easily.

Pinwheel flexing corners

Using a quick dry adhesive (I’m using glue dots) tack down the curled corners to the center point.

Pinwheel tack

You can also punch holes in the curled corners and attach them to the center with a brad.  I used a button with some twine for this example.

Completed Pinwheel

There you go.  Simple simple!  Have fun creating pinwheels.  Feel free to share your creations with me.  I’d love to see how you use them.  (note, when putting them on a card…they get a little squished in the envelope but they still look adorable!)


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