Keeping my Day Job

There is a reason why paper crafting is just my hobby.  I started out today working on some thank you cards using the Saleabration card kit that I had in my stash.  I wanted a nice little set of Thank you cards to give my neighbor who will be watering my flower pots when I’m on vacation.  Getting the cards done was easy.  Then I thought I could whip up a little box to put them in for a complete gift.  Easy enough… I set to work.  Ironically I had cleared out my son’s candy box earlier in the day and found this box which happened to be just the right size.  (yes, the box was empty when I found it).  So I fished it out of the recycle bin, broke it apart and did the measurements.







You’d think it would be easy enough….4 sides, flap closures….I had a perfect sample….  Don’t ask me how many sheets of cardstock I ruined and don’t ask me how long it took me (thus the title of the post).  But this girl just doesn’t give up easily.

My final measurements (which worked) to fit 6 cards/envelopes which I should note were 5 x 3.5 size (not a standard card size) are below for you:

Cardstock – 10 x 7

Score on long side at 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/4, 9 1/4

Score on short side at 3/4 and 6 1/4

I added a circle “window” using my CM circle templates (the box was too wide for my Big Shot) and put a piece of transparency inside.


Then using my scallop circle punch I punched some coordinating card stock, broke it down with a bone folder to make it more pliable and literally crunched it up into little balls.







(Sorry about the blurry photos)

When I opened them up and put them all together I got a bit of a distressed looking flower which I just love.  Here is the finished gift box with the cards inside.

Card Box

As I was putting it all together I realized that my neighbor is going to have to destroy the box to get the cards out.  Oh well. Its sealed now, but wouldn’t it be fun to make the same box just a little longer and have the side or top slide off and on?

Now that the hard part was done I whipped out another version of the card box.  How fun is this?  (I was smarter this time and did the prototype with printer paper!)

SU Card Box Slider


(you may notice the slit on the bottom of the box top…that isn’t necessary.  When the top  is on there is a little buckle in the box.  So I was trying to give the box a little play to see if I could reduce the buckle.  However, I think when the cards are inside the buckle won’t be an issue)

I realize now that instead of a slide over top…I also could have just done a fold in tab top.  Oh well.  Now I have lots of options.


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