Can Anyone Say 12-Step Program?

Seriously, I think it is a sickness…..Those of you that create photo opportunities around stickers for your scrapbooks know exactly what I’m talking about. (you know who you are!)

Little miss and I went out to pick up a few things for dinner at a friends house tonight.  On the way I was thinking, bottle of wine, salad fixings, something little to celebrate the new backyard patio…..etc….But when I got to the store it turned into something else.  I’ll blame this citronella candle.


This caught my eye as the little something to celebrate my friends new backyard patio…but seriously, can it get anymore boring?  Wouldn’t it look cute with a little thank you tag?  And wouldn’t that really funky new Confetti DSP paper be great to brighten it up?…that has orange in it….so lets see if I can find a wine label with some orange in it…..oh, then I can decorate the bottle too.

SERIOUSLY….who buys wine based on the color of the label to match DSP?  Apparently I do.  To my credit this wine is a really good Syrah….  That makes me feel a little better.

So with Little Miss napping I set to work.  See, isn’t this so much better?

Stampin Up DSP Decor

Let me know if anyone has the paper crafting 12 step program hotline…..I’ll post it on my blog for safekeeping. 🙂



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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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One Response to Can Anyone Say 12-Step Program?

  1. Sandy says:

    You are so funny! I’m sure that you aren’t the only one to match DSP to wine bottle labels, although I’m not guilty….yet!!!

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