Gift Card Holders

A dear friend of mine came over to visit a couple of weeks ago with the goal of creating  gift card holders for upcoming birthday gifts.  Giving a gift card in a fun and handmade package allows for a fun presentation for the recipient to enjoy.

I pulled a variety of samples that I had made in the past and from a few of my favorite internet resources.  We had a ball playing with papers, colors and ideas to come up with both a feminine and masculine version that she was tickled with.

Gift Card Holders

The one on the left is a simple tri fold card with a carefully placed slit to hold the gift card.  Measurements are 4.25 x 11 with scores on the long side at 4.25 & 8.5.  The top flap is held closed by the front focal piece which is only adhered at the bottom so that the flap tucks under the top edge of the focal point.  Inside, the gift card is held on the bottom panel with a little slit in the cardstock.  The slit is covered by the decorative paper panel (striped paper in this example) that makes up the bottom part of the card when it is closed up.

The holder on the right is a version spun off the gift card that I made here and held closed with a simple belly band.  I love the little wooden embellishment!

Here are the gift card holders opened up


It is true, the packaging for the gift cards really does make the gift complete.


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