Heard of South Hill Design?

SHD.FB_Cover.Artist I hadn’t either until I was in search of something a little different for my sisters birthday gift.  I learned about them on Pinterest and I fell in love with the product. The next thing you know…….I signed up to be an artist.  Call me crazy….Actually you don’t have to….I’ve already done that many times.

I’ve had a great time playing with my artist kit creating locket designs with all the goodies I received.  I’ve attached a few pictures for your enjoyment.  They are wonderful little pieces of art that you can wear, personalize and change as your mood, you outfit, the seasons or the weather change.  I love the personalization option.  Truly unique designs that represent you.

Interested in seeing them first hand?  I’d love to show them to you.  Since I don’t have time to maintain two websites my plan is to share a photo of a locket combination each week at Crafting in the Corner.  Following the great idea of my advisor I’ll have one blog post on Sunday (South Hill Sunday) highlighting these little pieces of art.  That way for those that are only interested in my paper crafting adventures you can just ignore my posts on Sundays :-).

This first photo is what started it.  This is my sisters birthday gift (her name also starts with a “J”).  Inside is a little red gem and a wine glass (my sister loves wine).  Isn’t it fun?  I’m also going to add the “aunt” heart charm before I give her the gift as well.  After all, she is a great aunt too.  The others are just me playing around with different combinations and lockets.  So fun! This is what started it!Just a little loveMomPink & SweetSimpleFreedom!Key to my heart

Isn’t the simplicity of them just fun?  I have catalogs for anyone that is interested and I’m also going to be sharing information, photos, promotions, etc via Facebook under Lockets for you by Jodi soon. I’d love to share them with your family/friends through a South Hill Social. This is a short, hands on event that you can invite a couple of friends/family and of course earn great hostess benefits including free charms! I’m calling them Chocolate and Charm socials. What is not to like about that? If you are interested please let me know as I’m going to limit my dates to only 1-2 a month.

So look for more fun posts via my South Hill facebook page or every Sunday via this blog.  Thank you in advance for humoring me :-).


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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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2 Responses to Heard of South Hill Design?

  1. Sandy VanNote says:

    Oh man, are you getting in deep 🙂 Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2014 14:15:38 +0000 To: nanavannote@hotmail.com

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