South Hill Sunday – Birthday Day

I mentioned in my first South Hill Post that the reason I stumbled upon South Hill was the search for something unique for my sisters birthday.  Well today I’m actually giving her the locket that I planned over a month ago.  I have to say that it has changed a bit since my original so I thought it would be a good topic of my post today.

First I think she is really going to enjoy the monogram.  Instead of the red stone that shown before I changed it to her birthstone which is a pale green (peridot) for August.

Juli bday mono

Funny thing…I originally put the monogram in backward….but look what I discovered…..The back of the crystal circle locket is just a plain silver….so “if” she isn’t feeling super sparkly one day, she can still enjoy her locket without the crystals for a whole different look! Its like getting two lockets for the price of one.  (However, my sister is about the bling)

juli bday mono back

Yes, you can see the little South Hill logo but it is barely noticeable when it isn’t laying on a flat surface.

I knew I had to give her some fun charms too so I wrapped up a little collection just for her.

  • The popcorn pail because she is a popcorn lover
  • The “Aunt” heart
  • The wine charm (no need to explain)
  • The crystal paw in honor of her “kids”
  • and the red crystal heart to pull it all together

By simply removing the monogram and adding her charms she’ll have a whole new piece to wear.

Juli bday charm

I’m very excited to give this to her and still a little excited about these lockets if you couldn’t tell.

Last but not least I haven’t shown the mini locket but I grabbed it yesterday for something quick.  The locket is about the size of a dime which is pretty small…but look how cute this is.  Just a little tea rose and some white pearls.  Love!!!!

South Hill Tea Rose Mini3

I’ve been posting lots of fun ideas and information on my South Hill facebook page – Please like and share with others!




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