Paper Pumpkin – August

This month I’m a bit delayed in sharing the Paper Pumpkin kit with you because I had a Paper Pumpkin workshop and I didn’t want to steal the surprise from my guest by posting my creations.  So thanks for your patience.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’m so tickled with myself this month.  I had to get my mojo going with this kit in order to have displays for the workshop (4 days after I received the kit!) I had to create…out of the box…without my Pinterest crutch……(there was only two postings when I tried to look!)  I’m really happy with the results.  Apparently crafting under pressure can generate some great creative juices.

First off, here is the video from Stampin Up showing the kit.

I have to admit…I was a little disappointed with the kit as compared to last month……and I’ll also admit it didn’t exactly seem my style.    Then I realized…THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!!!  Paper Pumpkin helps you get out of your box!

First I created the suggested samples.  Really cute.


These are the suggested samples from the kit

These are the suggested samples from the kit

Then I jumped out of the box and tried some other combinations and ideas.  Swoon!  I hope you enjoy them.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Paper Pumpkin August 2014This last one is a copy from Pinterest…one of the few out there at this point.

For my Paper Pumpkin subscriber that attended the workshop I had a special surprise for.  These really cute tags.

Fun tags from the bits and pieces.

Fun tags from the bits and pieces.

All these gorgeous projects and I still have supplies left for more!

My Paper Pumpkin workshop guests had a great time, created some great useful projects and enjoyed some fun conversation and laughs.

Don’t forget about the bonus for subscribing which ends on September 10th!  Email me for the promotion code to enjoy two months of paper pumpkin at 50% off!!!  You can also learn more about paper pumpkin here

paper pumpkin promo

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