South Hill Sunday

My South Hill post today may seem a little random…..But that is how it goes sometimes.

I was away all weekend with my husband in celebration of our eighteenth anniversary.  Yeah us.  My fabulous parents came and stayed with DJ and Little Miss so that we could get away.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I know that everyone will sleep well tonight!

My first locket is a repeat from a few weeks ago….but I love it and since today is actually my anniversary it justifies the repost.

Here I have my diamond locket filled with the “love” silver coin.  Then the charms are all rose gold and include a key, a heart, the infinity symbol and little pearl accents.  I love this locket as it celebrates my hubby and me.

South Hill key to my heart

The next locket is a simpler version but really the same message.  This is the medium gold locket with a gold open heart and some white/pink and gold accent pearls.  Simple and elegant.

South Hill Heart/Pearls


Now for the random piece….did you see the Mariners this weekend?  Wow.  Here are a couple of little lockets to celebrate their success!

SH BaseballSouth Hill Baseball







See…Anniversary and baseball….random but fun!




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