South Hill Sunday – Cruise locket and gift boxes

I had my first charm locket purchases at the end of August to people other than Me, Myself and I!  Now I had to find a cute way to package them.  Most of you have seen the variety of paper boxes that I’ve been making over the past few months.  I went to my stash and found the perfect size.  It only takes a 4.5 x 6.5 sheet of paper which is exactly the size of Stampin’ Ups Paper Stacks.  Using those precut papers makes creating these boxes a breeze.  The locket box fits inside and there is room to add a little baggie for the charms or additional chain depending on what was ordered.

Two of the lockets are Christmas gifts (which you can tell which boxes those are) and the other two are just to give the lockets in some fun packaging.  Don’t you think this is more fun then just a little plastic baggie?

Mini Cake Box Holiday SHDMini Cake Boxes SHD

I figured that part of the fun of these lockets is putting them together yourself. So that caused a need for cute presentation of the loose charms that would still fit into the gift box along side the locket.  I decided on a little match book style cover to put the charms in.  Isn’t this cute?  I love how the gift box opens up like a cake box.  I had so much fun presenting the locket orders.    SHD Gift Box SHD Gift Box

But of course we can’t go through a Sunday without seeing another locket design.  This one is a special one created by a special lady.  My Grandma who is getting close to 92 ordered a locket to commemorate a vacation she took many moons ago in the 60’s.  She and my Grandpa took a cruise boat to the Hawaiian Islands.  Hearing her talk about it and seeing the sparkle in her eye makes me realize that it was a very special trip for her.

She chose the medium locket with the palm tree, plumeria and the cruise boat.  I added her birthstone (December) which brings in a blue hue adding a little touch of tropical.

Cruise Memory Locket

Emma enjoyed her visit with her Great Grandma today.  She tried on her jewelry, bounced on her bed, chased the cat, selected sea shells from the baskets on the patio and enjoyed a nice lunch topped off with a shortbread cookie.  Her favorite part was putting her toys in Great Grandma’s walker basket and driving them around the house.

Thank you for the visit Grandma.  Love you to pieces.




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