Make It Mine #23

The Make It Mine challenge this week reminded me so much of the challenge from week 10 that I actually thought it was a duplicate.  It is similar and yet different.

Here is the challenge Sketch and Susan’s translation:








Looking back at my week 10 design (you can see the original Make it Mine challenge here) I realized I really really like this card.

Stampin' Up I Love You

And Ironically I just happen to have a scratch piece of the artwork still in my “what can I do with this” pile…

MIM ScrapIs it cheating to use this for my challenge this week?  Hum…..maybe yes…but on the other hand this is my blog so my rules :-).

After fiddling with some circle sizes, adding some sequin and rethinking the colors (a few too many times) I came up with this.

I love you Set

Look what else I found in my stash?  Some of you will recognize this from my Happenings Card class a few months ago.  See….I do like using multi size circles on my cards!

Happenings Card Kit



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