South Hill Sunday – It’s all about Soccer!

If you even know me a little bit then you know that my son DJ is a soccer player.  As such I’ve spent many an hour standing along side a soccer field not to mention the time playing soccer car pool in the past many years.  It has just become part of our life routine and we’ve all enjoyed it and the people and experiences we’ve had through soccer over the years.

(here is my soccer star)

Soccer4 soccer5







We are now into the Fall season which means practice two days a week and a game on Saturday.  I love Fall soccer.  Yesterday was a glorious day to be standing along the sidelines cheering on his team.  Win, lose or tie, it is wonderful to be outside, watching the kids play and learn life lessons.  Now Winter season is another story…..ask me about that later.

I haven’t shown much of the South Hill sports charm collection.  Mainly because it isn’t something that I’d wear to work or just on any given day.  But for Soccer Saturdays….well of course I can add a few fun elements to my locket.

So here you go…..just a soccer ball and three little pearls is all it takes to complete my Soccer Mom outfit!  Of course there is baseball, softball, football, volleyball and so many other sport themed charms.  So any “fill in the blank” sports mom can add her support to her locket.

(This is the small silver locket)



(For a little more “bling” I used the Medium crystal locket, added a star and a crystal heart and swapped out the white pearls for the black)


All sorts of fun options!  Oh how I wish I had a few blue crystals to represent the team colors too!

Go TEAM!!!




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