South Hill Sunday — Pretend it is Sunday

I have to admit I completely forgot about my posting for Sunday.  I could give a hundred excuses….but really I just forgot.  So a quick South Hill Sunday post is here.

I know some of you see my South Hill postings on Facebook so this will be a repeat.  However, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing photos that South Hill publishes of various lockets in various combinations and for various causes.  They send out about one a week and I’ve enjoyed all of them.  Hope you do too.

Fun in Sun Never Forget OH Snap FB_20140910_17_38_38_Saved_Picture FB_20140911_08_09_48_Saved_Picture

10450619_356591094498046_1693829011571504438_n 10277023_344808589009630_1664360067416169042_n 1549316_372982779525544_5709781047884271582_n


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