Make it Mine – Catch Up

I know that no one is keeping track of me and my posts but I have to admit that I intentionally missed the Make it Mine last week because I had to plot out my 100th blog post.  Now that I’m past that I feel the need to catch up on two weeks of Make it Mine!  Here we go.

Last week Susan had this sketch and sample.

MIM 10-27MIM 10-27 Susan






This was a tough one for me.  It made me think that I need more stamps sets to choose from which probably isn’t very logical given how I explained in my last post how I’m bursting at the seams with my stamping shelf. 🙂

I fiddled with this quite a while and ended up with this little birthday card.  The card base is Crushed Curry which isn’t usually a go to color for me.  But it is actually fun for this card.

For the Birds Birthday

Just in time to send off to my girlfriend who is having a birthday soon!

This weeks sketch was a bit easier for me to handle but didn’t really change my mind about needing a few more stamps sets.  Here is what I had to work with from Susan

MIM 11-3MIM 11-3Susan







Now that is my kind of sketch.   I actually have to laugh at myself here.  I have no idea how I got to the card that I ended up with.  Lets just say that I started working with this piece of printed paper thinking I was going to incorporate it into this sketch…


What I ended up with is quite different.  I wish I could explain how I got here to there….but there really isn’t any logic available


I definitely like where I ended vs. where I started.  I hope you do too.


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