Envelope Punch Board Class

I hosted a class a couple of weeks ago where we focused on the Envelope Punch Board.  Everyone was so excited about the projects and were amazed at how versatile the punch board really is.   Truly I think that it should be renamed.  I’m not that clever but calling it the Envelope Punch Board causes people to think that it is only good for envelopes.

Lets take a peek at some of the projects we created using the punch board.  This is just a flavor of the options!  I won’t be giving instructions on my post as most of them you can find on Pinterest.  Just search Envelope Punch Board and you’ll be looking at different projects for hours.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The last one is my personal favorite.  It uses a 12 x 12 sheet of paper and makes the most darling gift bag.  Yes, even the bow was done with the punch board.

What I didn’t photo graph were the boxes we made as well.  I found the most amazing website during my preparation for the class which allows you to type in the dimensions of the box you are wanting to make and it gives you the punch board dimension/instructions.  It is a great resource for box making.  The combinations are endless with the limit of 12 x 12 sized paper.  But if you have bigger paper you could even go bigger!

Here is the link of your reference.

So big lesson learned on my part.  Don’t let the name of the tool fool you.  Always keep your eyes open for other ways to use your tools.  Think out of the box…or in this case think outside of the Envelope!



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