Paper Pumpkin December

Like many Demonstrators I try to treat my Paper Pumpkin Subscribers a little special. It is so wonderful for me to see someone enjoying the creative outlet that Paper Pumpkin provides.  The newbie, the “non crafter”, the advanced crafter and more….everyone enjoys these kits.  So each quarter I send my subscribers a little surprise in the mail.  It is just a simple little something to let them know that I appreciate them and I’m here to support and inspire them.

For my subscribers as of December I made these little post it note covers with a valentines theme.  I thought they’d be cute just to have in their purses or in the console of the car when they need a quick piece of paper.  I found the valentine post its at Target and simply covered them with DSP and a stamped embellishment.  I thought they were really cute.  I should have taken a photo of them all together but I was so excited to start sending them out that these are the only two left.


Each month I create my own Paper Pumpkin kit samples and send bonus ideas to my subscribers.  Generally I don’t publish those samples but from time to time it is fun to send my Paper Pumpkin creations out to Pinterest.  So I thought I’d share a few this month.

This first trio uses the stamps from the kit in a fun and simple way.  I also incorporated the gift we received in the kit this month (piercing mats).  You can’t really see the detail in the first photo but in the close up you get the idea.  Really easy to mass produce these!

pp Dec 2014k

pp Dec 2014d

Next I used the star confetti to make a little border.  That is just sticky tape holding the stars in place.  I had to work the stars into the tape a few times in order to get good coverage but the result is really fun.

pp Dec 2014j

Lastly, a simple little tag or bookmark.

pp Dec 2014e

For a kit designed to create nine cards I actually ended up with over 19 projects with supplies remaining.  I love it when I can stretch out my supplies like that!  Hope you enjoy these.  If you have any questions please leave a comment!


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