Make it Mine

With the new year many of the super active paper craft bloggers have changed up their posting routines.  While I don’t exactly have a “routine” I was doing pretty good at following the Make it Mine challenge posted over at Simple Stampin.  However, she has changed her routine and no longer posts a challenge for her readers called Make it Mine.  Instead she is doing a different challenge created by someone on her Stampin’ Up team.

I still like the idea of a weekly challenge and I still think the title of Make it Mine fits since I’m taking the sketch and “making it mine” so I’m going to roll with it.  I don’t think anyone will mind.

Here we go!

This week’s sketch and sample:

MIM 01_12_15aMIM 01_12_15Mary








This weekend I was playing with the Painted Petals stamp set (which is amazing by the way!) and I had some stamped images just sitting in a pile so I thought I’d put one of them to good use.  Modifying the sketch to “Make it Mine” this is what I came up with.  What do you think?  You have to try out this stamp set.  The images are dimensional with only one impression.  It is hard to explain in words but if you look closely at the images they are made up of lots of teeny tiny dots.  Where the dots are closer together the ink saturation is higher than where the dots are further apart.  As a result you get the dimension shown in my flower image with only one impression.  So fancy!


Have a great week!


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