Little Pinched Box

Those of you that have followed my blog for a little while know that I’m quite smitten with a fellow paper crafter named Sam from the UK.  Here is her blog posting related to this little box.  You will love her blog.  She does fabulous videos and with that wonderful accent I love to listen to her.  She is absolutely amazing with her boxes, bags and really anything 3D.  I try to recreate her projects from time to time (those of you that have been to my house have seen my basket full of paper box treasures!  Many of those are from her inspiration).  So yesterday, after the Seahawks game and after I caught my breath, I decided a little paper folding was in order.

I had saved this project from her blog a few days ago and decided that before it got lost in my email I better create my own sample.

It is a really cute size at just 2 x 2 square and 2 inches tall.  You could easily make it taller with the 2 x 2 base but I think the smallness is perfect.  Fill it with M&M’s or some other small candy treat and it is the perfect little goody to share with someone or even use as a favor for a wedding, birthday or baby shower.  So cute.



The dimensions are below.  I comes together really easy.  It is closed by just a ribbon through a few punched holes.

Cardstock – 4 x 8 1/4″  (Note, if you want a taller box then the measurements would be ?? x 8 1/4″

Score on the “SHORT” side at 2″  (adjust this for a taller version)

Score on the 8 1/4″ side at 2, 4, 6, 8

Make a MARK for guidance on the 8 1/4″ side at 1, 3, 5, 7″

At the MARK you then take a ruler and score from the mark, diagonal to the 2″ score line you made on the short side.  So a score line from each of the MARKS to the diagonal corners.  The second photo above shows the diagonal score lines on one of the sides.  This allows the box to pinch closed.

Products used for the project:


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