Envelope Punch Box Happy Day Treat

I’m so excited for tomorrow.

Many of you know that I was a Creative Memories Consultant for a very long time.  One of the most wonderful joys about being a consultant was all of the amazing women that I met through the years.  When I quit my Creative Memories Business, what I missed the most were the “excuses” to have scrapbooking events/classes  at my home.  My scrapbooking ladies did too.  So I decided to schedule full day get togethers in 2015.  I can’t believe the response.  I have a full house scheduled for every date through the year.  Tomorrow is my first one.  I’m calling them the “Whatever Your Craft Days”.  No agenda…just time together to work on any project you want to.  I’m sure some will be scrapbooking and some will be working on their paper pumpkin kits.  But the best part is just being together with some amazing women, having fun, being productive and just being together.

So of course I can’t have an event without a little goodie.  So I did up these cute little treat bags using an idea from my idol Sam (aka Pootles)


They are pretty tiny and only hold one rolo and a peanut butter cup.  But they sure are cute and I hope they make my guests smile.

I used the envelope punch board to create them along with a 4.5″ square piece of DSP.  Instructions are simple.  Using the envelope punch board punch and score at 1″ and 3″ along one side, turn counter clockwise 90 degrees, align the score lines with the score guide and punch and score.  Repeat until all four sides have two punches and two scores.  Fold all of your score lines well.  You will have something that looks like this.


Cut the score lines indicated by the red lines.  Add adhesive to hold the box together.

Decorate and surprise someone with a little treat!


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