Paper Pumpkin to the Rescue

By now, everyone knows I love Paper Pumpkin.  There is just something about that little red box on my porch once a month that makes me giddy.  Maybe it is because it is filled with fun stuff…maybe it reminds me of the kits that my grandmother used to get me for after school projects or maybe I just like an excuse to play with ink and paper.  Whatever the reason tonight my January box came to the rescue.

Those that know me have probably heard about my new job with the Company that I’ve been with for many many years.  (thus the reason for the long lag in my posts!)  Today was my 20th day in the new role and while it is extremely exciting to be doing something new it is also very very crazy and overwhelming.  That said tonight (Friday) I just wanted to come home and veg in my crafting corner.  I sat down and just stared at all of my wonderful toys.  But I just didn’t have the energy to think too hard.  Then I realized that I hadn’t broken into my January Pumpkin box yet.  Yipee!  No thinking involved…just crafting fun.

So I started with this


and quickly turned it into this


Yes, I still have to fill the goodie bags with something sweet but it was so fun to feel creative without having to tax my brain.  Someone else already did all the hard work for me!  Now my valentines for my new team are complete and I have enough for Little Miss’s school teachers and even a few extras.  Maybe the milk and mailman will get valentines this year too.

Still not convinced that Paper Pumpkin might be fun?   Here is more info!


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One Response to Paper Pumpkin to the Rescue

  1. Dawn says:

    Can I hire you to do the favors for Hannah’s Bat Mitvah??

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