The First Ever….Valentine

Strange title?   It isn’t that I created my first ever valentine card…..It isn’t that I received my first valentine card….but it is the first time that my son asked me to create a valentine card for an actual girl!  I’m not talking about making valentines for the entire class.  Nope, this is a single valentine for one particular girl.  I’m not actually sure how I feel about that actually.  So lets just jump to the card instead of trying to figure that out!

The samples that I had on hand were too mushy (I was secretly glad to hear that) so he looked through my valentine themed stamps and picked this little frog image because it made him laugh when he read the coordinating sentiment.

daniels first valentine1DAniels first valentine

What do you think?  “You make me Hoppy”  Pretty cute for a first valentine to his special friend.  (I can’t call her his “best girl”…..because I already own that title…at least for a few more years I hope)

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