Cinderella Party Planning

My Little Miss is having a birthday next month and of course I’ve been thinking about it for weeks already.  Since is still at the age were she needs help with the “theme” of her party.  Next year will be a different story!  I started down the path of a Minnie Mouse theme.  She loves Mickey Mouse Club House and that seemed like a fun idea for a party.  However, she is also really enjoying the princesses and especially Cinderella.  So while the princess thing sometimes doesn’t last long with little girls, I figured I better jump in and enjoy it while I can.  So a Cinderella party it is! (I’m secretly hoping that the princess thing lasts a few more years….It is really fun!) I’ve been searching Pinterest and pinning all sorts of fun ideas for Cinderella parties that I won’t pull off.  Isn’t that what pinterest is for?  I did however, have fun with the invitation idea.  Yes, it is a bit much, I suppose.  But I had fun making them and I know that the family will have fun receiving them. Cinderella2Using some glimmer paper and fun embellishments I created a “glass slipper” invitation.  Inside and tied with a ribbon is the invitation to the party.  It was fun decorating them. I really didn’t want to send them off in the mail! Cinderella1 Here they are all packaged up for mailing!


If you’d like to create these fun little paper shoes, I’ve linked in the template that I found on Pinterest.   143158d1240167706-shoe-witch-base.  I shrunk this down in size for my needs.   Since it is all one piece I found it really easy to work with (aside from the hand cutting).  Just cut, score and adhere.  I suppose there is a cricut cartridge out there that could have cut out a dozen for me in half the time.  Oh well, it was therapeutic to create them. With that task complete I’m off to think about the décor and the food!  More Cinderella related posts to come!


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