Paper Pumpkin Subscriber Gifts

I’m so thankful for my fabulous Paper Pumpkin Subscribers.  Helping others find a little joy in creating with paper makes me smile.  I try to encourage them to keep working on their kits by holding workshops at my house, sending them alternative ideas for the kits and little surprises now and then.  For my subscribers this past quarter I recently prepared a batch of little goodies to send out.  Nothing fancy but hopefully it brought a smile to their faces.

When I finally sit down each month to work on my own Paper Pumpkin kit I often do it after the house is quiet.  I come up to my corner with a nice cup of hot tea, turn on a little Michael Buble’ (yes, I love Michael Buble’!) and break into my orange box to create.  So while I can’t send them Michael Buble’ (wouldn’t that be a surprise!) I thought I could send them a cup of tea….well at least a cute little tea bag.

So I broke out the Envelope Punch board and whipped up a few little envelopes to hold the tea bags.


I crafted a little note via the computer but left a space for the stamped “Thank you” image.  Since my envelopes were all different I wanted the Thank you to color coordinate (of course!).

???????????????????????????????With the scraps from my DSP I punched a couple little butterflies.  One for the front and one to replace the tea bag tag.  At first I was just going to put two butterflies back to back with the string secured in the middle.  Then I thought, oh how clever would it be if I used the string to look like the antenna!!!

This was so simple to do and such a cute result.  First I took the tea bag string and looped it around on the butterfly using a piece of scoretape to hold it in place.


Then I glued the second butterfly covering the string and the scoretape.  With a simple snip of the loop you have two antenna for the butterfly and a really cute tea bag tag.


I sure hope my gals like their little gift and I do hope that they find a little time when the house is quiet to enjoy a cup of tea.

(For reference the Envelope size was the 5 x 5 DSP size that creates a 2 x 3.5 size enveloped.)


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One Response to Paper Pumpkin Subscriber Gifts

  1. Betty Shooner says:

    Your tea bag sounds really cute and I’m sure your ladies will enjoy receiving it. Your mom sent me a cute picture of Emma playing in the snow. Did you all have fun and a nice Easter. Jodi when the things I orders arrive will you email me the cost and I will bring you check when I see you on the 19th. Love,Gram

    Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 02:49:16 +0000 To:

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