Fun Card Front

I’ve done this card front style a few times now and I’m always impressed with the result.  I like both the dimension and the clean lines of it.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The second photo above shows the dimension.  There are a lot of dimensionals under that first layer.

To get this effect I cut the front panel of my card at 3 1/4 x 5 1/4.  Then with the short side at the top of my cutting tool I sliced the panel at 1″.  That gives me about a 3/4″ gap when I lay the two pieces of the panel on my card front.  The DSP in the “window” is 1″ wide.

While I was creating the sentiment banner I thought it would be good to share a little trick.  I had this trick at my card club last month and even my experienced members were challenged with this idea.

I use the banner punch….it is probably one of my most used punches.  Of course it is cute for little banners.  But it is great for making quick flag/banner strips too.  Since I use my punch for this purpose a lot I wrote down the width of the paper that fits “into” the punch directly on the bottom of my punch itself.  I was constantly measuring each time I wanted to do this trick and finally I got smart and just wrote it down.


The width of paper that fits “into” the punch is just slightly less than 5/8″

To create the longer banner strip with the notch at the end you feed the paper “into” the punch from the bottom.  So it looks like this:


By doing this you are only using the notch end of the punch itself.  The result is this:


Of course you can do this on the other end too if you want a double notched strip.

Now you are going to want to have the banner punch in your supplies!


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