The Cinderella Party


Cinderella-cinderella-24196472-1440-900It has been several weeks since I posted about the big birthday party I was planning for Little Miss.  I had such a fun time planning and preparing for her party.  I know that most of that fun was for me as she probably won’t remember much.  Thankfully I had my friend the photographer attend and help me capture the day.  But before the day came there was a lot of fun paper creating to do.

First off, I shared the invitations with you at this post.  I so enjoyed making those.  I realize now that I didn’t keep one for myself.  Probably for the best given that I have plenty of paper sample items here in my craft space these days.  I surely don’t need to keep another one.

The invitation set the stage for the Cinderella themed party.

I pinned quite a few things from pinterest but settled on a couple of things including this  sweet little castle I found on the Family Fun Disney site.  Link is here (Speaking of pinterest and party ideas….have you ever looked for princess party ideas?  Seriously!  These are not ideas for little girls parties…they are full blown hired out events!  I tried to stick with the ideas for real people :-))

I had grand plans to whip up a few of the castles but after I tackled the first one, and it took me half of the day to create, I realized that one was probably good.  So it became the focal point on the mantel.

Cinderella3 cinderella4

The first photo shows my work place as I was “in progress”….probably two hours in!.  Then the finished project.  In the photo you can’t tell but there is a lot of dimension to it as the different layers/floors of the castle are built up with cardboard behind them.

The castle looked pretty small on our mantel at first.  But when I added the banner, circle/star garland (yes, I did sew that!) and the streamers it really turned out great.

Emma3rdBday-10 (2)

The banner was just simple white cardstock with some cricut cut letters for her name.  I added a Cinderella to the banner by using some digital artwork I had.

The next thing to tackle was the guest treats.  Again, pinterest to the rescue.  I found this adorable little pattern for a Cinderella dress.  It was literally a PDF that I could print, cut and assemble.  I did add my own little flair by putting sparkle on the little dress poofs and sleeves.  Then of course the thank you tag tied it all together.  I put two Ghirardelli salted carmel squares inside.  Why that flavor?  Well honestly because the foil wrapper matched the dress of course….Not to mention that they are very good!

Emma3rdBday-4 (2)

That was really it with the paper crafts.  For those that might want to see some photos of the party I’m sharing a couple below.  I think Little Miss had a good time.  I know I sure had a good time preparing for and sharing this day with family and friends.  Thanks for letting me show off a little bit of my life.

Emma3rdBday-1 (2) Emma3rdBday-21 (2) Emma3rdBday-46 (2) Emma3rdBday-87 (2) Emma3rdBday-102 (2)


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