Teacher Appreciation Week

This year I was ready!  I had all my projects planned out for all 10! teachers in my children’s lives this year.  Last year I assumed that there was no teacher appreciation week for middle school teachers.  I was told (on Thursday night of the week no less) that there was!  Yes, a bit of a scramble.  So this year I didn’t hesitate in preparing little surprise projects for six middle school teachers and four day care providers!

I did borrow several ideas from last year (new teachers means old ideas can be reused!) and I heavily leveraged Paper Pumpkin kits.  Love those!!!

For Little Misses day care providers here is the line up:


Yes, I love those little pots with the suckers in them.  Couldn’t resist making more.  (I think I’ve posted these about three times in the last month!)


Nail files fit perfectly in the slim baggies from Stampin’ Up.  Add a simple topper and you have a cute little gift that the teachers absolutely love.  Everyone needs a nail file!


Sorry about the terrible picture here.  These are little bottles of lotion in a simple 2″ paper wrap topped off with the tag topper punch.  I added glue dots to the lotion bottles to help hold them in place.


Paper Pumpkin from April.  I did up the cards just as instructed in the kit to keep it simple.  Inside I added a Starbucks gift card with a little note of thanks.

For the middle school teachers just two gifts this week.  First off a Hershey bar wallet using a Paper pumpkin kit.  Actually the “Thanks” is the left over scraps from the kit.  I just added it to some folded cardstock to make a wallet.  So easy!


Then the middle school teachers also deserve a Starbucks card so I added a gift card to the fold out Thanks card that was the original intention of the same Paper Pumpkin kit.  Love how this kit pulled double duty!


Hope all the teachers out there were showered with thanks for the amazing work that they do.


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