Graduation Assignment

A dear friend of mine requested some help with cards for her friends and family.  I had to tease about her request.  She gave me tidbits about each person that would be receiving the cards and why.  I felt like I had been given my college graduation assignment.  I love assignments where paper crafting is involved!  Since this wasn’t a Stampin’ Up project, I decided to use an assortment of products.  I have collected so many wonderful things over the years before Stampin’ Up  that it was nice to have a purpose to use them!

First off a baby card.  I was told it was for a baby boy.  I’ve had this one in my stash for a while and I think it is just sweet.  This one is made all from Stampin’ Up products and even a part of a former Paper Pumpkin kit.


Then there was a birthday card for a “best friend”…actually she said her “oldest friend” which means she’s known her for the longest….so I’m assuming a really good friend :-).  She specifically remembered a sentiment from the Painted Petals set so again this card is using just Stampin’ Up supplies.  I went with a simple one layer card which is contradictory to the request for something with texture….I tried to add some other texture but I don’t think it needs it with those fabulous colors!


Then a birthday card for her big brother who she seems to adore.  She suggested something punny so this is what came to mind.  I love this set from Paper Trey Ink.  The sentiment says “You Mean the World to Me”.  Inside I stamped “Happy Birthday Brother”.  I think that will do the trick.


Next a birthday card for her niece who she adores.  The card request was pretty open except that she noted that the color green is her nieces favorite.  Apparently I had color block with that request because I spent way too much time trying to go green for this card.  This printed background paper just caught my eye and no matter how hard I tried to make the dominate color green…I just couldn’t do it.  So I settled for aqua…..Somewhere between green and blue.  Butterflies just seemed to be in order here too.  I have kind of a butterfly fetish these days.


This card made me smile the biggest.  I purchased this Seattle stamp set probably a year ago and it hasn’t seen ink yet.  The card request was for a friend who lives in France.  She described him as “loved his time in Seattle” so this set was the perfect touch.  I had to add a little glitter to those raindrops too.


Next up was a birthday card for her nieces husband.  Nothing too specific here…just masculine.  That led me to another Paper Trey Ink set called Simple Circles.  Of course now I could go green…..not sure what was wrong with me on the card for her niece but I had no problem going with green here….and a lot of it!


Lastly a card for the new mom of the new baby mentioned above.  She was described as “totally fun and full of life”.  So a card with bright and happy balloons seemed to be the right answer.  Plus a little bling too!  This one, I admit, I copied from Pinterest.


I hope you enjoyed those little beauties that I’ve been working on the past couple of days.  I hope my friend does too.  If not I’ll have some great cards for my stash and another reason to play with my supplies some more!


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