Organizing and decluttering – Dies

“Before” when my die collection was a bit more manageable I would make sure that I had a sample of the dies/punches cut out and put onto a board for display.  This worked great for my crafting guests to see what I had and quite honestly also helped me remember what I had.  These multiple poster boards hung on the walls in my craft space.  But over time I wasn’t as diligent about adding my new shapes and my boards were starting to get a little disorganized as I just randomly found a place to put up the newest die/punch to my collection.  So….along came a little project.  Which actually turned into almost a full day project.

Here is a sample of one of my boards…half dismantled

die cut update1

I pulled down the boards and carefully unglued the shapes so I didn’t have to actually cut too many.  Then I organized them by theme and put them into a binder with descriptions, brands and even the coordinating stamp set if they had one. Here are a few pages of my new die cut binder

die cut update2 die cut update3 due cut update4 due cute update5

Then I even (gasp) put the dies in with the coordinating stamp set.

die cute update6

Honestly I don’t know that the filing of the dies with the stamp set with work long term for me as now I can’t see all my dies.  But it is nice to have one less storage bin on my die cutting station….we’ll see if I can handle it.  If I find myself not using my dies because some are filed with the stamp sets or some are in the little drawer of my die cutting station then I’ll be back to storing them all together in the CD storage basket.  I haven’t even thought about the fact that I could have one die set that coordinates with multiple stamp sets.  The challenges a paper crafter has to deal with these days!  For now my craft room walls are all clear, my die cut station looks pretty sharp and I really like my little die cut sample binder!


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