Breath Mint Fire Crackers

I wanted to create a little something for the day care ladies for the upcoming holiday.  While walking through the candy isle at the grocery I saw a five pack of breath mints in rolls so I grabbed them.  Surely I could figure out something to do with them.  Out came my red, white & blue paper as well as my favorite (not Stampin’ Up) 4th of July stamp set.

First I rolled the mints up with real red card stock.  It took a lot less paper then I thought it would.  But it did require some heavy adhesive (score tape to the rescue!).

4th fire crackers1

Next I added a belly band using the decorative paper.  A few stamped images and a few punch later I had a little sentiment focal point for each of the fire crackers.  But they needed a top…..This stumped me for a bit.  I tried several things.  What seemed to work the best for me was a single 3/4 punched circle of card stock and some silver twine.   First I pulled a loop through with a needle.  Then I secured it with a glue dot trimming the ends so they didn’t show past the 3/4 circle.

4th fire crackers4 4th fire crackers5

Then I cut the loop on the top to release the needle so that the strings formed the fuse.

4th fire crackers6

All together they looked like this…

4th fire crackers3a

I think they turned out pretty cute.  I might have to run back to the store and whip up another set.  I just realized that Little Miss moves up a classroom this week so I’ll have two new teachers to shower with little treats….but I can’t treat those that have been so fabulous with her this past year either.  Yep…I need to make some more tomorrow!

Oh and for those of you that have never seem my desk while I’m crafting…..See….I do make a mess!

4th fire crackers2


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