Paper Mugs!

While cruising Pinterest the other day I came across the cutest project using this months Paper Pumpkin.  Of course I had to copy it.  The link is below.

The little mug just made me smile.  Here is my version (yes, I’m a good copier!)

paper mug 1

So cute and so easy.  I’m definitely having my card club make this project.  There are a few videos on You Tube that you can follow along but it is fairly easy so I’ll jot down the instructions here.

Paper Mug

Card Stock 4-1/2″ x 8-1/4″

Handle 1″ x 4-1/2″

Score the card stock with the short end up at 1-1/2″

Score the card stock with the long end up at every inch.

Fold all of your scores crisp.  Cut up each of the scores up to the 1-1/2″ score that you make so that it looks like this

paper mug2

Add adhesive to the 1/4 tab and create the mug.

paper mug 3

Add adhesive to both sides of 4 of the tabs like this

paper mug4

Then using opposite tabs line them up together and adhere with the non taped tab on the bottom.  Like this

paper mug5

Continue that with two more tabs (non adhesive tab on the bottom)

paper mug6

For the last tab, line them up but put the one without the adhesive on the top.  That way you won’t have a sticky bottom for your mug 🙂

paper mug7paper mug8

To add the handle start at the top and adhere one edge to the mug top

paper mug9

wrap the other end of the handle down and adhere to the base.  See how cute that is?

paper mug10

Even better when decorated.  I decided to make these for the teachers of Little Misses class as thank you’s so I’ll be showing you the finished project soon.  More mugs to come!  (wouldn’t these be cute decorated up for winter/holiday with a little bag of cocoa, some marshmallows and maybe some crushed peppermint?  Or maybe a little bottle of baileys!!!  I have a feeling I’ll be creating a lot of these this year!)


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3 Responses to Paper Mugs!

  1. Mom says:

    That is adorable. Would be cute holding a little plant or jar of flowers.

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