Absentee Shoe Box Swap Results

A few days ago I shared that I was missing a card & tag swap hosted by my upline because I was off vacationing.  Today I had a chance to swing by and get my completed projects.  What fun.  A little influx of new ideas and I didn’t even have to work very hard…..if at all!  These were all designed by the amazing gals on our team.  Since I wasn’t there I’m not sure exactly who created which, but you’ll be able to see how amazing they are when you look at the photos below.  First up…the tags!  I can never get enough of tags!

swap1 swap2 swap 3 swap 4 swap 5 swap 6

I love the assortment….I also think it is funny how just out of six people two used the same stamped image….what are the odds?  How about that really big tag?  I LOVE IT!  no wrapping necessary with that one.  Just tie that fabulous tag on a bag or an unwrapped box and it is perfect!  The use of washi tape for the candles in the second tag is so fun.  Can’t wait to leverage that idea again.  I wish you could see these in person.  The texture and dimension is so fun.

Now the cards….

swap 13

This one uses a tag for the focal point of the card.  Love the colors in that bohemian paper.  The purple see through stripe as well as the stripes on the tag are washi tape.  Love that stuff!

swap 7

I love the simplicity of this card.  Sometimes I try to make things so complex when all you really need sometimes are the basics.  Some pretty print paper a fun stamped image and a bright embellishment.  This uses the watermelon wonder lace ribbon…so pretty!

swap 8

I had to prop this one up so that you could see the embossed background.  You have to love the striking black and white with a color pop AND some sparkle on this card.

swap 9

This one has so many fun elements…..the colored flowers, the rhinestones the sentiment box…(I had to go look that one up to see what set it was from…its the “You’re So sweet” set on page 57 of the catalog).  What I’m not sure how was made is the striped background paper….I think it was sponged using the Dots & Stripes decorative masks…..I’ve never done that before but I love this look!

swap 10 swap 11

Now this one has me completely baffled…..I don’t know if you can tell in the photos but the flower is raised….from what I can guess the flower image from “You’ve Got This (pg 113) was stamped on vellum.  Then somehow the image was embossed from the back so that it puffs out.  Maybe using a stylus on the back of the vellum on the image lines against a foam pad????  Anyone what to help me understand how this amazing result was achieved?  This one you have to see in person!

swap 12

Last but not least is another one using that fabulous bohemian paper and the same flower as the card above.  Isn’t it amazing how the same stamped image can look so completely different!

I have to say that I find it funny that so many of the swap participants used the same DSP as well as the same image.

I’m so glad I choose to participate in the swap even from afar.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the results!


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2 Responses to Absentee Shoe Box Swap Results

  1. Tracie says:

    Jodi – you are perfectly correct in how the image was embossed on the vellum. It is stamped in Versamark and then flipped over and you use a stylus and working in small circles you gently emboss the image (using the foam pad) until it is the height/color you want. The vellum turns white when you emboss it – the more you work it the more solid the white becomes. Then color the image in on the front side.

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