Microsoft Morale Event – Cards for Ronald Mc Donald House

I’ve been on a roll lately trying to use older products that I’ve had in my stash.  There is something about using things up that is rewarding to me.  So when I was asked to help do some card design for a morale event at work with my 25+ co-workers I went directly to my older “papers” and started creating.  I made up four designs and the team is going to create 15 of each card.  The cards will be going to Ronald Mc Donald House for the families to use!

Now, my designs had to be simple…..these are finance people….not necessarily paper crafters.  I had a lot of nervous first timers to think about.

I also had some requests from Ronald Mc Donald House….Not all feminine and had to be able to go in the mail without extra postage…so not too much bling.  Easy enough!

Here are the four designs:

msft4 msft3 msft2 msft1

I tried to use a few different techniques and tools to give everyone a flavor of paper crafting as well as a little bit of a challenge.

I precut and prepared everything including step by step instructions.  Set up was pretty easy and I kept most of the card steps in assembly line order.  Do step one and move to step two etc….

The event was called Cards & Cocktails.  We had a great time.

It was a lot of fun sharing my craft with my co-workers and watching most of them try something new.  I loved watching the guys get into it.  I really wish I had my camera handy during the event.  However, here are the finished results!


Now I get to package them up and deliver them to Ronald McDonald House next week!


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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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