Paper Pumpkin Fun

I don’t usually post about my creative adventures with Paper Pumpkin.  But once in a while it is fun to do so especially when the kit is a bit of a challenge.  Not everyone loves every kit for the same reasons.  Sometimes you may even not “love” the kit at all.  I have to admit….this month (August) was one of those were I almost was in the”no love” camp.  So I could either be bummed about the kit or I could take it as a challenge.  I think the challenge is a lot more fun for me…and hopefully inspirational for you as well.

If you missed the kit from August, here is my post about the sneak peek.  Great soft colors, great little gift boxes and stamp sentiments and with the metallic accents….very “in” right now.

pp august 2015p

Ready to see what I did?  Ok, here we go.  First off I tried really hard to stay with the contents of the kit.  That way anyone who received the kit could create these alternative projects.  I only deviated slightly and I’ll point out where in my descriptions below.  Second, I must give credit to my paper 3D idol again…  I used two of her box creations in my designs.  I’ll share the dimensions below just please know that she is the box queen….not me.

Here are all my August 2015 Paper Pumpkin goodies together

pp August 2015

Now I’ll share a little about each.  (this is a long post so grab a cup/glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy a few minutes to yourself.

First up…..

My little gold stripped purse!  It is my favorite and the first thing I created from the kit.  What do you think?  The flower is made just like instructed.  It is attached to one of the ivory banners from the kit which is folded over the purse opening to hold it closed.  I hope you can see that in the photos.

pp august 2015h

To create the purse, I took the gold/ivory card base but I didn’t fold it on the provided score line.  Instead I scored additional lines 3/4 inches from each side of the original score line.  I folded on those new score lines to give the purse its base (so it is 1 1/4 inches wide allowing it to stand up on its own very well).  To give the purse the angled sides I opened up the purse and using the lines on the card stock I visually aligned from the new score line in two lines on my trimmer and trimmed.  Here is a photo showing (post cut) to give you a visual of what I’m trying to explain.

pp August 2015q

I did that on all four sides.  Using a bit of the kit provided ribbon I made a handle that I secured on the inside.

pp august 2015i pp august 2015j pp august 2015k

I love how it turned out.  Now I can either put a small gift in a bag or candies inside to give as a cute little gift.

Next I used the pink/bow card stock to create one of my favorite mini grab bags from Pootles.  I closed the bag by taking one of the tags from the kit and folding it over the top of the bag after I stamped the “For You” and the swirl.  I used glue dots to hold it firmly closed.  The measurements for this little bag are below.  I use this little bag a lot!  It holds just the right amount of candy to share a little treat with someone.

pp august 2015f pp august 2015g

Mini Grab Bag

Paper – 6 x 4″
Score with the short side against score board at 1″
Score with the long side against score board at 1″, 2.75″, 3.75″, 5.5″

Next up I was thinking Ghirardelli chocolate square holder and came up with two ideas.  The first one:

Using two of the angled tags I scored and folded the end of the tag at 1/2″.  After adhering them together I added a little piece of the scrap gold/ivory card stock, punched a hole in the top and tied it with the gold twine (first deviation from the kit!).  Simple….cute….

pp august 2015m

Next up actually came by accident and there are a few supply items outside of the kit.  Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself.

My intention was to do another simple Ghirardelli holder like the one above.  After I had scored edge of the tag and glued them together I realized that the top of that particular tag reminded me of an owl.  So I pulled out my 7/8′ scallop and 1/2″ circle punch and made some owl eyes.  I used my chalk pen to draw a beak and highlight the pupils.  It was cute just like that but I thought it needed some wings.  I started to pull out some black paper to cut some wings but realized that if I put one of the tags from the kit behind the other tag it would make the look of wings.

pp August 2015n pp august 2015o

This really made me smile.  Given its base color of black that led me to a Halloween greeting from the “any many more” sentiment set (I love that set by the way!).  Then to hold it together I pulled an extra orange bow clip from July’s paper pumpkin kit leftovers.  It holds a Ghirardelli square as well.  Oh, it just makes me giggle it is so cute!  So cute I have to add the photo again!

pp August 2015n

Another Pootles box came to mind using more of the gold/ivory card stock (measurements below).  I wanted to emphasize the gold stripes so a cute tall box was the result.  This box is very cute but small.  You could put in a roll of life savers, lip stick, small nail polish, a lot of M&M’s, etc.  I punched a hole in the top and added a bit of the provided ribbon.  Behind the focal point I added a little bit of our gold thread for texture.

pp August 2015d pp august 2015e

Tall Skinny Box

Paper – 6.4 x 4.5″
Score with the long side against top of score board at 1″
Score with the short side against top of score board at 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″
(obviously the box is 1″ x 1″ square 🙂

Lastly I had a few things left so I created a few out of the box cards.  Card 1 – using the pink card stock I pretty much followed the kit instructions on this one.  However, I added the black strips behind the banner using the scrap of black that was left over from the negative piece of the flower centers.

Card 2 – This one I had to add a black card base to.  It was just a piece of the pink bow paper that I had left over.  I hated to toss it.

Card 3 – For this one I did cut up one of the gift boxes from the kit.  I LOVE the look of the two patterns together on this card.  The ribbon and the small strip of gold just add enough to make it look very formal.  I’m thinking it will be a wedding card for someone, someday.

pp august 2015a pp August 2015b pp August 2015c

I should add that I have 1 black tag, two banner pieces, two full flowers, ribbon and two of the gift boxes left.  I plan to make the gift boxes as instructed for future gift giving.  So essentially I used the entire kit!  I love that.

Whew.  That was a long post.  If you are still with me I hope you enjoyed my creations and don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions.  Happy to help with those pumpkin kits!

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2 Responses to Paper Pumpkin Fun

  1. Cathy - ScrappinCat says:

    WOW!!! I love your creations. I loved this months paper pumpkin kit, and now I love it even more. TFS your talent. Your post and all your pictures are awesome too!

  2. Alaine Gentner says:

    Thanks for all the instructions to make these cuties! This wasn’t a fave of mine either, but a friend of mine, make these and I loved them! So many others post pictures of their creativity, but not how to make them! So, Thanks for sharing and from pootles! I love her stuff also!

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