Ellen’s 50th Birthday

Tonight we are attending our first “50th” birthday party.  Wait….how can our friend be turning 50?……apparently we are just hanging out with older friends these days :-).    ahem….anyway….

I wanted to fix up a gift from both Jeff and I as well as from the kids.  Pinterest to the rescue.  From the kids I got the idea with the saying “50 Rocks” to fill a jar with some rock candy and embellish it.  The result….very cute.

ellens bday2 ellens bday1

From the family I found both a little gag gift (a little handbook about being older/wiser and sexier) and a nice gift of a little hand blown glass pumpkin.  All are wrapped so I can’t share any visuals.  However, I did remember to take a photo of the card before I sealed it up. (actually after I sealed it up…so this is envelope #2).  The card stock and the printed paper are all Stampin’ Up but the number dies are from another brand.  Love the triple punch to make the perfect pennant shape!!!  Five perfect 10’s can’t be all bad :-).

Ellens bday

I think she’ll enjoy the humor.

(What is that sheet in the background you ask?  That is the end of the 300-400 sq ft fort that my son built for my daughter.  It is like an obstacle course to get back to my corner right now.  Love it!!!)


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