200th Blog Post!

I can’t believe I’ve hit the 200th blog post.  I’m pretty sure it took longer to get to the second hundred than the first.  Life seems to just be getting busier, so my posts are not as frequent.  But I so enjoy sharing my paper adventures with those that want to see them.

So what do you do for your 200th post?  Remember my 100th?   (By the way…not much has changed in my space since that post…although there is MORE stuff…if that is possible.)

My 200th post is going to be different…no project photos….sorry about that.  I know at least two people that will enjoy it.

The topic of my 200th post came to me the other morning when I was stalling the process of getting out of bed.  I was just cuddled in the covers all warm and lazy, listening to the sounds of the morning.  The chitter chatter of my toddler, the cat trying to get food out of the timed dispenser, my husband in the kitchen….then I spied this framed treasure on my wall.


I didn’t need my glasses to read the lines of text.  I’ve read it so many times that I know it by heart.  As always, it made me smile.  My grandmother made this counted cross stitch project for me in 1989 and it has been hanging in my room or my home since.  For some reason this particular morning I got up and I put my glasses on to look at it up real close.  Even though I didn’t see her make this particular project, I could picture her in my mind pulling each stitch just for me.  The poem of course is lovely….but the best part is that each one of those little “x’s” is a kiss from her to me.

My grandma was a crafter for as long as I can remember.  She made my sister and I amazing things throughout childhood.  From quilts for our beds to matching holly hobby dresses (complete with hats which for some reason we are not wearing here….!)

holly hobby

She poured her own ceramics, sewed clothes for our Barbies, made porcelain dolls with the most amazing painted faces and beautiful dresses, tatted her own doilies and personalized stationary, painted in all sorts of mediums and so much more.   I have hand knit sweaters and booties made with love that I wore as a baby and that both of my little ones wore as well in addition to the fresh knit sets she made just for them, her grandbabies.

My grandma’s craft room was a magic place for me.  There was always something in progress on her sewing table and so many fun “in process” things to look at.  Not to mention her supplies.  Oh the joy of seeing all those sequin, fabrics, papers, ceramics, paints and crafting tools.  She could really craft with anything…one of my fondest memories is a trip to her and my grandpa’s cabin.  She was crafting with me and trying to help me make cards out of construction paper.  There wasn’t fancy card stock, rubber stamps or die cut machines back then, just scissors, construction paper and Elmer’s glue.  I have no idea what my card ended up looking like but I do remember watching her carve the most amazing result out of those pieces of paper with her scissors.  No patterns and no tracing for her…just pure creativity from her mind to the scissors.  I couldn’t have been more than seven or eight at the time but I remember it vividly, thinking that she was amazing and that I couldn’t possible ever create anything like that.  I still have the cards that she created that day.   They are a bit faded and given all the fancy tools we have today, they appear very simple.  But to me, watching the paper pieces come together to create these one of a kind creations was truly magic.

img826a img826

How I’ve kept them all these years I’m not sure, but they seemed to follow me along on my life journey popping up out of boxes or from between stacks of paper or books as I moved from home, to college, to my apartment and then to my homes.  Now they are safely secured in one of my family scrapbooks so I know exactly where to find them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the crafting “bug” comes honestly to me.  My grandmother passed it to my mom, my mom nurtured it in me and now I’m sharing my joy of crafting with my little people and others.

I’ll end this post sharing that my grandmother is almost 93 as I write this.  She is still crafting daily and creating treasures for others to enjoy.  She cross stitches, stamps, scrapbooks, sews the most amazing detailed doll clothes and more.  She continues to amazing me.  I don’t get to see her as often as I would like but I treasure her emails and sometime her Skype calls that I get in between my visits.  I love knowing that she is also enjoying my little blog and that she has a passion that keeps her busy and active.  While I may never be able to sew like she does, I thank her for showing me how to have fun with a pair of scissors, colored paper and some glue.



I love you Grandma – Thank you for sharing your passion of crafting with me.  It will stay with me always.


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3 Responses to 200th Blog Post!

  1. Marcela Ferioli says:

    What a nice story and wonderful memories. It’s a blessing to have a grandma like yours in your life.

  2. Mom says:

    It’s not nice to make your mother cry. What a beautiful and loving post, Jodi. I am so very proud of you for so many reasons.

  3. Betty Shooner says:

    Dear Jodi, I just read the 200h Blog Post and it brought tears to my eyes. I makes me so happy to know that you remember all those times we spent together and me trying to teach you to craft. For you to write such a loving piece about the times you spent with me and the things we did together. I will keep this memento always and I could never have a more loving and ssweet rand daughter. I love you Jodi. You were my first grand child and you mean so much to me. Your old almost 93 years old Grandma

    Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 03:07:48 +0000 To: bshooner@hotmail.com

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