Project Iridium Celebration


I work at a company that likes to code name practically everything.  Thus the title of my post.  My team has been working very hard on Project Iridium since April.  It has been a secret project (although many would say it is the worst kept secret in the Company)  This week the project goes live to the public and there is a high level of tension in the air.  As I think about it, the hard work is actually to come now that everyone will know about it “for real”.  But as we announce the project, our team took a moment to celebrate.  I have a very clever manager, and she asked for a little help in creating a little something for the team.  How could I pass that up?

So with Little Miss happy to watch her favorite princess (Rapunzel) movie for  the umpteenth time I set to work.  Do you know what you can make in the length of a Disney movie?  Well let me show you.

First I have 12 little pillow boxes filled with skittles and project iridium tattoos (temporary of course….we are all going to sport these tattoos during our company wide training efforts in the week to come)

iridium1 iridium2

These are for members of a couple of partner teams that we worked closely with during the project.

Then I prepped 25 little bags for the core team which will be filled with skittles, a tattoo AND a lottery ticket.  My manager threatened us during the project that we were not allowed to purchase a lottery ticket.  She didn’t want us to up and leave before the project was complete.  I’m still pretty sure she doesn’t want us to up and leave, but the lottery ticket now is for the fun of it.


All die cut, scored, stamped  and trimmed ready to go.  All that in the length of a Disney movie.

After dinner and a fulfilled “mommy will you sleep with me?” request….I put together the bags.  It is so fun to see them all together!  I used the entire package of Bohemian DSP.  So bright and colorful.  They “clash” a bit with the skittles but I don’t think that is going to be a show stopper.

Any of course….I forgot to take a picture of everything all together at the party.  But here is how the “lottery” bags turned out.  (Just image 24 of them all lined up together with the pillow boxes along side.  Very impressive :-))

WP_20150925_004 (2)

Everyone loved the surprise….and by the way, no one won the “Big Money”.  So I guess we are off to the next “code name” project!


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