Paper Crafter Bliss Defined….

Paper Crafter Bliss is defined as

“Finding something cute on Pinterest and realizing that you can copy it right that moment…without having to run to the store or wait for the next SU order”

I had that moment today.  I had been cruising pinterest and spying all of the cute Halloween things I wanted to do for next year….and I came across this post

Santa Hat clip1

I had seen the witches hat version that people used to top little Halloween treat bags (so cute) but I didn’t get around to making them this year.  But someone converted the idea into a Santa hat and since I just happen to have all of the tools to create them I thought I’d get a jump on it.

santa hat clip3 Santa Hat Clip2

They are so cute in person.  Now I just have to figure out something fun to attach them to.  Those that join into my upcoming workshops are sure to receive one of these!!!!


About mach1vn

Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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One Response to Paper Crafter Bliss Defined….

  1. Rachel Legge says:

    Love your Santa hats. So happy I was able to inspire you! And thank you for posting the link.
    I agree with your definition of Paper Craft Bliss…it’s a great feeling when you can create something there and then without having to get other products!

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