SU Holiday Party Swap

Each year my fabulous Stampin’ Up leader hosts a gathering of her team for the holidays.  We are spoiled with fun make & takes, good food and of course the ever popular gift exchange.  It is always a challenge to come up with something different to exchange with all these talented ladies.  Last year I have to admit I took on a project that was WAY too time consuming.  I was happy with the results by boy oh boy.

This year I was determined to plan ahead and find something a little less labor intensive.  Not sure I succeeded.

I saw the idea of a garland advent calendar at Ben Franklin back in October.  I was all set.  But I didn’t quite think through the fact that an advent calendar has “24” of something.  That is a lot of somethings.  Then I struggled with what color theme, design scheme and how to attach everything.  So in the end it still took a lot of time.  But I am happy with how it turned out.  Let me share a few pictures with you.

First off I had to figure out “what” I was making 24 of.  I wanted something to be able to hold a little goodie or a note of some kind.  I also needed it to be small enough to fit between the elements of my garlands that I had purchased for this project.

The garland I choose doesn’t photograph well but it is a sparkly multi dimensional snowflake garland.  I love how it is just a little different!

I tried a few different ideas but ended up with this thin little box for my “24” somethings.  The paper was 6 x 2.5 with scores along the long edge at 2 3/8 and 3 1/8 and scores along the short edges (both sides) at 1/4.  (sorry for the bad photo…forgot to take a photo before I stuck it all together!)

advent 3

advent 4

So 24 of those little guys.  It actually went pretty quickly once I got going.  I decided to keep it a simple standard color theme of green, white and red.  Then I used just a few simple mix & match embellishments to decorate them.

Here they are all laid out (before I glued them all together)

advent 1

Oh yes, the photo reminded me….I actually only made 19 little boxes and you can see there are five little mittens.  I did that to shake it up a bit.  The mittens are not three dimensional….so I suppose it gives the advent “filler” a break throughout the month.  Filling 24 little somethings for an advent calendar is a lot of pressure!

The next challenge I had was how to attach these little beauties to the garland.  Seeing the idea at Ben Franklin seemed so simply back in October….

I finally decided to use the mini clothes pins and some twine.  You can’t really see in the photo but I added some glitter paper strips to the clothes pins.  Here is how this project all came together.  I’m really happy with it and very excited to contribute it to the gift swap.

Next year….something simple…..(you may have to remind me!)







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