Banana Bread to Fill Your Stocking

For my work group holiday treats I decided to make up some mini banana bread loaves and I knew just the packaging I wanted.  I’ve actually made these before so I knew it would work.  I’ve had these stocking pattern for some time and I’ve actually used it a lot.  It is a paper template so it requires hand cutting but it is super easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of precision.  That being said I had to cut 13 of them.  It was something mindless to do after a very long work day last week.  Last night I baked up the loaves and today I delivered them to my co-workers.  They turned out really cute, simple and gender friendly (not too cute).

Here is a portion of them (the other half of the loaves were still cooling)

I used an old Christmas paper pack (non SU) and real red cardstock.  I did learn something after the fact….the cardstock boxes (the red socks with the pattered toe/heel) were strong enough to hold the mini loaf of bread without bending.  The socks with the patterned paper as the base (with the red toe/heel) were not quite as strong.  They are holding up that mini loaf of bread…barely.  One deep sigh and the paper gives way under the weight of the bread.  I must remember that for next time.

Happy Holiday Gifting Everyone!


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