100% Copied and Proud

Sometimes you just have to get a project done.  The creative time that you had planned to put into it just seems to have disappeared.  That is the case with some jar cookies that I planned to make up for my daughters teachers.  I had visions of this amazing jar topper and tag combo but I just didn’t get it out of my head in time and now the clock is ticking.

jar cookies3

So with the jars filled and ready to be gifted I leaned on the little Rudolf punch art that I picked off of Pinterest a few weeks back.  He just makes me smile.  I think I’ve made about 15 of them now.  I probably should create a bunch just to have on hand.  He has come in hand for so many little package embellishments as I get ready for the holidays.  And again he comes to the rescue.

jar cookies 1

I told you he was cute!

The layered cookie recipe comes from a blog I follow – Simply Stampin.  I have created these jars a few times now but I’ve never actually tried the recipe.   No one has complained yet, but then again I’m not sure they would tell me!

Here is the recipe – cookie tags

Hope this “completely copied” project inspire you!

(By the way, my lesson learned.  1 standard size bag of M&M’s is only about 1.5 cups.  So for every three jars you need two bags of M&M’s.  This surprised me and resulted a trip back to the store!)



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