Use it up!

I was looking at some of my favorite bloggers today and I came across Simple Stampin’s post on using up that beautiful SU patterned paper.  She was right….we all have a stash…some of us have big stashes.  We save it for various reasons….it is too pretty to cut, we might need it in the future and not be able to purchase it….whatever the reason it piles up and we love it all.  Then of course the new catalog comes out and there is a whole new set of beautiful papers (even better than the last set (how do they do that?)) that you have to have.  But you feel a little guilty because you haven’t used the last set…or the set before that or in my case a couple of sets back.

I took Susan’s advice.  Her simple design uses just about as much patterned paper on a card as possible without actually using it as the case base itself.


What you can’t see in the photo is the embossing I did with the stamped image.  I haven’t embossed in a long time.  The embossing gun still started right up!  I didn’t realize it but with the new ink formula of the Stampin’ Up ink pads you can use the embossing powder on them before they dry.  Works like a charm!  I also dry embossed a score line around the white cardstock of the stamped image.  Just adds a little something.


It felt good using up this paper from a couple of holidays ago and really I won’t miss it.  With this set of cards (I made 4 of each) I officially no longer have these printed papers in my stash!   However, my stash pile still seems pretty big!

So I challenge you….use that paper.  I promise you that there will be more in your future…like I a week when the new SU Occasions catalog releases….:-)



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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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