DIYer in the Making – Project 2

For my next project I had seen and came oh so close to purchasing these really cute place card holders at the Pottery Barn.

place cards7

(I LOVE table setting) so it wasn’t a surprise that I fell in love with these little bottles with the snow/tree.  The price….$24 for 4 and I needed at least 8.  YIKES.  So I didn’t buy them, but I didn’t stop thinking about them.  (Apparently they were popular as they don’t have them on their website anymore!)

Later that same day I found myself at Ben Franklin and literally the first display inside the door was these cute little bottle scene crafts.  All shapes, sizes etc.  Having the pottery barn photo on my phone, I pieced together the supplies I needed for under $16!  Of course I still had to make them.  So project #2 was born.

My first challenge was that I needed the trees to be shorter.  So I got out the chainsaw (pliers and glue gun) and trim them down.

With the trees secured into the jars with hot glue I added the snow.  Here is the cuteness all lined up.

place cards3

This is how they sat for a few days as I didn’t have a good solution for the lid.  The Pottery Barn version had a cork lid with the card holder stabbed into it.  My jars had little aluminum lids.  I struggled with what would hold the actual place card.  A paper clip, a strategically folded piece of card stock, a binder clip….all were viable options.  Then, as in a crazy twist, I was looking for something else in my “stash” and I came upon these!

place cards4

As my CTMH gal will tell you, I’ve had these for 5 years or more.  I had to have them when they came out in the catalog (I’m sure they are retired by now) but I didn’t have any idea what I was going to use them for at the time.  Apparently my subconscious knew I’d need them for place card holder tops in 2015.

Using a piece of cork on the inside of the lid and my trusty glue gun, I fastened the clips to the lids by literally poking them through the lid and cork and then curling the end back into the cork and securing with hot glue.

My project was almost complete and I was so tickled with the results.  A little red ribbon for a pop of color and look!

place cards9

In case you are curious.  Here is my Christmas dinner table.

place cards8a



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