DIYer in the Making – Project 3

My third DIY project came from the need to “hide” stuff.  I recently moved one of my craft tables to be an island table verses having it against a wall.  This has proven to be a really smart move as I’ve used this table more in the last week then I did all year when it was against a wall.  One nice thing about it being against the wall was that I could put my gift wrapping cubby under it and I couldn’t see it.   However, when it was in the middle of the room…..all of a sudden that cubby became an eye sore.


I’ve always wanted to put a small curtain panel on my other desk in my craft space so now I had two reasons to actually make that happen.  So off to the fabric store I went.

I haven’t been to a fabric store in a while.  Wow.  Fabric is a little pricey these days.  You have to really love to sew to invest in the fabric.  Anyway….an hour later (it took me that long to decide on fabric) I had everything I needed including the tension rods for my project.

When I do sew, I have the luxury of using my mom’s highschool graduation present.  I’ve been storing it for her (and using from time to time) for many many years.  I love it and it works like a dream (at least for the very basic tasks that I ask of it)


Of course I had to resort to my faithful craft guide of Pinterest to read up on creating curtains before I got started.  I didn’t want to botch up that pricey fabric!  I realized very quickly that there is more ironing in making a curtain then there is actually sewing.  The ironing took a long time but I know that it made sewing those long straight lines much easier.  By the way, that little fabric ruler in the photo….I’ve had that since my home ec class in middle school :-).

(Yes…that is an Atari game behind the ironing board!)

Once I had everything ironed up the sewing began….


After the sewing (Mom…you’d be proud…I only had to “unsew” about three inches during the whole project) I put in the tension rods and hung them up.

They look great and they hide the stuff!  Project three…a success!


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