DIYer in the Making – Project 4

My fourth and final DIY project wasn’t really planned.  My hubby and I were cleaning out the storage spaces in the bonus room and I had completely forgotten about this little white rocking chair that my sister and I had as a little girl.  My mom had given it to me when I purchased my first house and I’ve been moving it around from storage space to storage space not really wanting to use it but not really wanting to get rid of it either.  I’m kind of sentimental that way.

Over the years of use, being moved around and from sitting in storage it had gotten very dirty, dinged up quite a bit and the pink vinyl was ripped on the seat.  It was in need of some love.

I started by taking it all apart.  I initially thought I’d save the wood in the seat and the head panel by pulling all of the staples, but my hubby rescued me from that task with some scrap wood he had in the garage.


First however, the little chair was in deep need of some new paint.  It is so fun to see what a bottle of spray paint can do.  Such a simple thing makes such a huge difference.  You really can’t appreciate the difference in the photos but just imagine, dirty, dinged and scratched for the before and clean, white, smooth for the after.

When I went to the fabric store for my curtain panel fabric I also had this rocker project in mind, so I picked up some cute polka dot flannel and new foam at that same visit.


Like my first project of the hand sewn pillow, my upholstery skills have a little to be desired.  But hubby and I had fun making it work.

Little Miss was very excited and watched the whole process just waiting to take her first rock in her new chair.  I had to distract her with some stickers so that hubby and I could get the project done.


Here is Little Miss enjoying her first official rock in her new chair.  What I wish I would have captured on film was the very sincere hugs and thank you’s that she gave both my hubby and I before she sat down to enjoy her new chair.   (and she did change princess dresses in the time it took us to start and finish the fabric work)


I had just enough fabric left to create a little coordinating pillow but  had to run back to the fabric store to find just the right trim.  (Pillow not in photos)  I’m so glad that hubby insisted on cleaning out the attic storage areas.  If I had waited any longer to do this chair for Emma she would have been too big.    She has been using it to sing to and rock her babies every night since it was put in her room.


Thanks for indulging me on my DIY project adventure.  I had two other projects that I did during this whirlwind as well.  I’ll spare you the details and just share the photos.  First is a growth chart for Little Miss and the other is the paper machewas the “JOY” décor for my entry table.

I’d say I got quite a lot accomplished in my two weeks off from the office.

Next posts will be back to paper crafting…..I promise!


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