My Crafting Helper

My Little Miss is quite the crafter and wants to be in the craft corner whenever mom is there too.  In my “craft room” reorganization project (which I realize I haven’t blogged about yet!) I cleared one of my desk drawers and filled it with stickers, paper, glue sticks and other fun goodies just for her.  I also added her little table and chairs to my space so that we didn’t have to share a desk.  (which is quite tricky when one of the people sharing the space doesn’t quite get the concept of “sharing”).

The past weekend when I was working away my craftmate joined in the fun.   She was having so much fun that I had to snap some photos to capture the moment as well as the beautiful sticker/paper collages that she created for me.

Hope this makes you smile.


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Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Finance Professional and addicted to paper.
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One Response to My Crafting Helper

  1. Christy Trotto says:

    This is seriously the cutest thing ever! Do you remember when Jess and Jamie would get in all my stuff? Love this post……… 🙂

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